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If you’re looking for one-on-one, hands-on treatment, this is the option for you. You may have tried traditional PT, but were handing a sheet of exercises to perform and left on your own…


In a perfect world, I would steer all my clients to this route. It combines the individualized manual therapy to help you move for efficiently and pain free with the strength training to become more resilient and tough…


If you are not managing pain or an injury but simply want to get fit, this is a good option for you. You may not feel like you need to seek treatment at this time, but don’t want your body to be held back…


Most clinics treat you for a time, but treatment ends when you exhaust your insurance. But what happens when “rehab” is done, but you aren’t where you want to be? I work with clients at that point to continue toward long-term health and a pain-free life in my “Post-Rehab” program.  

This program fits somewhere in between the worlds of Personal Training and Physical Therapy.  We customize a plan to determine what works best for you to improve your overall level of function and enhance your functional capacity.

We provide manual-based physical therapy focused on quality care in a one-on-one, patient-centered environment. We treat acute injury through performance. Sessions are always one-on-one and typically one hour in length. Following a detailed evaluation, an individualized plan will be developed for your needs. 

We are a fee-for-service practice and do not charge your insurance. Depending on your insurance, ATX PT could be considered an “out of network provider”. Should you wish to file for reimbursement, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary treatment codes to submit along with your receipts. Our reason for not accepting insurance is simple: we want you to get better by receiving thorough, efficient treatment tailored to you – not tailored to what your insurance guidelines allow.