When you cannot live the life you want and pain medication and surgery are not good options. You‘ve tried traditional physical therapy, but were just handed a sheet of exercises to perform and were left alone. If you are looking for one-on-one, hands-on treatment, this is a good option for you. Strengthening will be an important aspect of recovery, but rehab exercise is generally very simple. I want to spend our time hands-on, working on the areas you can’t do independently. I will try to give you the tools to become independent, but you do not need me to count as you complete your simple home program.


In a perfect world, I would steer my clients this route. It combines the individualized manual therapy to help you move more efficiently and pain free, and the strength training to become resilient and tough. Following therapy, people often are left on their own and told to “be active,” but aren’t exactly sure what that means. This allows you to work towards that goal with someone that knows more intimately your “story,” and can work with your unique circumstances.


 If you are not managing an injury and want to get fit, this is a good option. A benefit to working with a physical therapist is the ability to work around the old high school knee injury that has plagued you. Maybe you don’t feel the need to seek treatment at this time, but you don’t want it to slow you down any longer. Any trainer can make you tired, but the skill is in helping you get strong and working with and around the bumps and bruises that have kept you from the active life you seek.