Thank you for choosing ATX Physical Therapy.

I am grateful to assist you in the process of healing and improved performance.

It is my firm belief that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." As such, I believe that everyone has the potential to improve. In the personalized service I offer, I hope you find a refreshing alternative to a traditional "big box" clinic. Clients and therapists alike appreciate individualized care, more speedy recovery and better overall outcomes made possible by this model.

We are one in body, mind and spirit and need to be treated as such to recover. Often, pain is treated as a math problem. However, 1 + 1 does not always equal 2 with a system as complex and wonderful as the human body. What happens when step A, B and C do not deliver as promised? Commonly, this reductionist approach leads to fear, confusion and frustration. Clients end up feeling hopeless, doubtful and feeling "crazy." I want to legitimize your concerns that what you are experiencing is real and valid. My goal is for you to be respected, cared for, heard and ultimately feel and perform better. I will treat you as a whole person, seeking to discover the underlying cause, which is typically not the site, of your pain.

One of my foundational beliefs is that our body is proficient in its ability to heal given the proper environment to do so. Factors that may influence healing include (but are not limited to): diet and inflammatory state of your body, stress, habitual posturing, occupation, environmental considerations, food sensitivities, activity level, medication or other underlying medical issues. Our goal is to restore a proper environment so that healing can take place. Various techniques will be applied within my scope of practice to accomplish this goal such as hands-on, manual techniques as well as exercises, education and possibly dry needling if you choose. Ultimately, I want you to understand WHY you are in pain and empower you to independently manage and care for your own body. After all, this is your body and no one can care for it as well as YOU.

This is YOUR treatment. Feedback is welcomed and expected. If at any time you are uncomfortable or prefer an alternative to a technique, I am happy to oblige. There are some instances where a technique may be a little uncomfortable based on degree of injury, inflammatory response and sensitivity, but you always have the choice to opt out. I am an educator at heart and get excited to teach my clients,so I am happy to explain my rationale for treatment. I also recognize your right to control what happens to your body and respect your choices regarding your care. Thank you again for choosing ATX Physical Therapy. I am excited to welcome you to "the family" in the process of healing!